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In order to profit on the web, one must have an audience - traffic. Traffic, which consists of the people that will buy your products, subscribe to your services, click on your ads and, in short, make you money, is derived from internet marketing. A beautiful web site, which sells a perfect product, is of no use without traffic.

Internet marketing is enjoying meteoric growth. Globally, the internet is the fastest growing advertising medium with spend projected to reach £37bn by 2011.

A recent online marketing survey revealed "one in five respondents now spend more than half their total marketing budget online". If you’re in business you’ll know this investment will yield huge returns.

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At Code Dezigns we fully appreciate the implications of this growth. Online marketing can drive direct response and build brands. But even if you have a beautifully designed website, if nobody can find it your investment will be wasted. There are a variety of web marketing strategies to get visitors to your site. Paying per click, newsletters, publishing articles, joining forums, trading links with other sites, and getting listed in search engines are all integral elements of most internet marketing plans.

We help you develop targeted campaigns to drive potential customers to your website using highly cost-effective methods. Our range of online marketing solutions can be used to reach the right audience, extend brand reach and maximize sales.

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  • We got the project successfully completed even though it was different than the original plan. It is expected in IT projects. However, the team was receptive to some minor changes and worked with us. Looking forward to the next project.

    Mahesh Bhupalam, Totally Productive Group, Inc.
  • They have excellent knowledge of google analytics and setting up of goals, funnels, dashboards, ecommerce and cross domain tracking. They were very professional and easy to work with to get done what I needed.

    Peter Briss, Bay Area Circuits
  • Another fantastic performance by Narender Singh and his team. I have already rehired them for another job.

    David Wrenn, CEO, The Wrenn Group Inc.

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